We have launched a new method to protect your tyres.

A Robust and Effective system to prevent any air pressure leak!!


Seals... every pressure leakage, from the rim , the o-ring or the valve.

Eliminates... automatically holes caused by nails up to 12mm in diameter and hidden pore leaks.

Protects... all metal parts of the wheel from rust, i.e. internal metal belts, valve, etc.

Protects... overheating of the wheel.

Keeps... the casing healthy, thus permits retreading.

Enforces... balancing of the wheel.


BEST Tyre Protection Sealant... can be applied to the tyres of all kinds of vehicles

  • transportation and construction sector
  • earth moving and agricultural machinery
  • passenger cars as a repair by the name Tyre Doctor
  • motorcycles as a repair by the name Tyre Doctor



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